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Poetry, as an expressive language, is a ‘work of the heart’ that brings enjoyment, as well as provokes curious, introspective, reflective and reflexive actions of readers and ‘listeners’ alike. Over the years, Lennox Carty has taken the words and experiences of youth and manhood and has linked them with powerful rhythms and keen controversies.

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5 thoughts on “Poetry Workshops

  1. South Camden Community School, Camden
    We really enjoyed writing our ‘Litter’ poems with you. Thank you again. We all had a great time and will be looking out for the new book! – (Teacher)
    Red Oaks Primary, Swindon

  2. After your poetry day with us the kids and teachers were so fired up about poetry. They achieved some powerful poems. I’ve put some of them on our website… We would like to run another poetry day with Key Stage 2 in Term 3 March/ April – (Teacher).
    Earlsfield Primary School, Earlsfield

  3. Just a short note to thank you for the work you did with Years 3 and 6 during our special activity week… It was lovely to meet you and I hope you can come and work with us again in the future – (Teacher)
    Thanks you for coming in for the workshop. My favourite part was when we wrote poems – (Minnie)
    You told us about what children like us have to do. It was really, really, really, really amazing, fab, brilliant and astounding. I thought it was amazing (Caitlin).
    Ryvers Primary School, Langley

  4. Having Lennox in our school was a real Literacy learning experience for our children. The enthusiasm, knowledge and passion he brought inspired many of our children… Gertrude’s talk was an amazing opportunity for the children to learn from such an influential and knowledgeable role model. The children were able to develop their understanding of the African continent and were given opportunities to explore their thoughts in a safe and welcoming environment which Gertrude ensured from the start – (Teacher

  5. Lennox we really enjoyed both of your performances when you played for us this year and last year. You brought dub poetry to the suburbs. Thank you

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